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The Feathered Nest

We breed and encourage Heritage Poultry bred to NZ Poultry Standards. Some of these types have been on the decline so it is wonderful to see a revival of this wonderful hobby.

We aim to keep improving the breeds and encourage home owners to enjoy the pleasure of keeping two or three hens at home.



Heavy Breeds


Rhode Island Reds

Pylmouth Barred Rocks

Orpingtons - Black Splash and Blue

Wynadottes - Gold and Silver

Light Sussex



Light Breeds


Aracana - Lavender only

Silkies - White and Coloured



Pekins - Mottled, Black, White, Partridge,Buff, Silver Pencil, Birchin, Cuckoo,

Buff Columbian and the odd unusual colour.


Sebrights - Silver and Gold


Wynadottes - Columbian, Black, Partridge, and Silver Pencil




Indian Game - Red and Black, Wheaten




We can incubate eggs for you

Sell day old chicks

Send fertile eggs all over the country

Send poultry to some destinations

Poultry Food by the bag


Fertile Eggs Available from the Following Breeds in season

We also have at times Ducks, Pheasants, Geese and Japanese Quail